Back to the 60’s

Hippie, Hippie, Hippie, Hippie, Hippie.
Earthy, Earthy, Earthy, Earthy, Earthy.
Crunchy, crunchy, crunchy, crunchy, crunchy, crunchy.
Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace.
out, Out, Out, Out, Out.
Hippie, Hippie, Hippie, Hippie.
Earthy, Earthy, Earthy, Earthy, Earthy.
Crunchy, Crunchy, Crunchy, Crunchy, Crunchy.
Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace.
Out, Out, Out, Out, Out.

My Big Family

I am Mia. I have a sister named Cassidy, but we all call her “Cassie.” I have twenty-two older brothers and sisters and 14 younger brothers and sisters. My Mom and my Dad are going to court tomorrow because they don’t get along.

We live in a big house. 36 floors! That’s one floor for each of us! My eleven older brothers are: mark, Drake, Josh, Kevin, Ryan, John, Jack, Tom, Santiago, Nathan, and Zack. And my eleven older sisters are: KC, Megan, Emily, Micalea, Jessy, Taylor, Seleana, Alex, Morgan, Sue, and Isabella. My younger brothers are: Jake, Harrison, Bob, Robbie, and Sam. My younger sisters are: Kate, Katie, Alexis, Anna, Samantha, Sofia, and Gillian.

The next day, my older sister jessy was going to babysit me and everyone else while my parents went to court. Jessy, my siblings, and I decided to turn off all the lights and play Hide and go Seek in the dark.

At 10:00pm, it was declared, my parents were officially divorced and my Mom was happy about it. And the two best parts of it was that we stay with her, and we get to keep the house!!

Me, Cassie, and Jessy do gymnastics at Brestians. Me and Cassie are level 9. Jessy’s level 14. My Mom is my coach. The owners of Brestyans (Mihi and Sylvie) are great friends of ours.

Me and Cassie got to the locker room and put our backpacks in them. we got our Dove deoderent and headed out for the gym.

“Come On Cardine! Do the bak handspring – I don’t have all day!” yelled Sharron, one of the coaches at beam. Me and Cassie went to vault where our Mom was. “Okay girls. I want you to run, run, run, front hand spring from the toes back flip into a handstand. Girls! Pay attention. Mihi and Sylvia are going to watch you do this routine next week and they will pick the two of you or one who does it best. So Cassie, you go first. And Jessy, go to bars, Kristen will meet you there and tell you what to do.”

“Allright,” said Jessy. And she walked off to bars. “Mia, go!” I ran down wiht my Mom timing me. I ran so fast while doing the front handspring that I went up in the air and fell on my ankle! The next thing you know I start to cry in pain. Everyone came over to see what happened. Nobody noticed until Mihi came on his cell phone telling 911 that my ankle bone was stickin out and, it was!

I got rushed to the emergency room while the docters did their docter stuff. Finally, I went to get x-rays. They said I had a broken ankle bone and I needed cruches for twenty-one weeks! jessy came in with her boyfriend Taylor with a little box of chocolates in Taylors hand. I took the chocolates right away, and shoved them into my mouth. i guess it made me feel better, a lot better, but then my Mom came in and asked Jessy and Taylor to leave.

“I’m sorry, I pushed you too far,” she said. “Well, sorry’s not going to help my ankle,” I said quietly.

“I know that. Anyway, the docter said we can go home now, so can you try to get up?”

“Sure. I’ll try.”

That Special Someone

It all depends on that special someone who loves you and that you love back. And for this old homeless man, he had only a small little kitten to cuddle with when times were hard. He would have that small little animal with him wherever he was. And the man would always say, “you’re all that matters.” It all depends on that special someone who loves you, and that you love back.

Me and My Dog

A work in progress, by Mia McWethy.

From the day I looked into his eyes, I knew right away we’d be best friends.

“Griff!” Tyson called as the 600 pound Great Dane came charging after him. The dog sat and dropped the ball that he had drooled all over.

“Catch!” Tyson yelled at the top of his lungs.

Some of a while later, the two boys heard the call of, “Dinner!” coming from his mother. The boy and the dog came in from their play and sat down at the polished wooden table with two plates of Spaghetti and meatballs. After dinner, Tyson went to bed with Griff at his side.

The next day, the dog put his wet nose on Tyson to wake him up. After the boy got dressed and brushed his teeth, the dog and the boy stepped into the warm summer air. Griff ran around the huge yard. Tyson, on the other hand, took a fold-out chair and admired the sun coming up. Once their mother awoke and made breakfast, she shouted out the window, “Breakfast!” And the dog and the boy went in.

Tyson’s mother had made the table with two weaved placemats, with new dove white plates, with eggs benedict on it, and a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice.

“Tyson! Get the phone for me will ya?” said Tyson’s Mom.

“Hello?” said Tyson. “Well hello there little Mr. Dad!” Tyson burst with excitement because Tyson’s father was on a year long trip to China.

“Mom!” Tyson yelled, “It’s Dad!”.

She came running over with Griff by her side. The two adults haven’t talked to each other ever since Tyson’s father left. Tyson and Griff let their parents have some privacy while they went to play. Night fell and the two parents finally got off the phone and the lonely woman was now cheerful and full of joy and started making pork for Griff.

Later on, Griff and Tyson went to their friends house. This wasn’t just any friend, this was Tyson’s only friend not counting Griff. But before we talk about her, we’re going to talk about how these three best friends met. Well, it all started three years ago.

Tyson was five and Griff was still a puppy. They were running with a ball in the street when Griff started to chase the ball down a hill. But suddenly, the ball went through a small hole in a fence small enough for the miniature Griff to get through. Tyson came to rescue the hopeless pup when he saw Griff with an old African American lady in her rocking chair feeding griff a peanut butter sandwich.

Everyone got to know each other by the minute. But very sadly, last year our old friend Floria lost her sight in a car crash, but now she lives alone in her small shack. So every day after Tyson gets out of school, he gets Griff and goes over to Floria’s house.

One day, Tyson went to the local library and found a book: Gone with the Stars. At first, Tyson thought he wouldn’t like it, but when he read the first couple pages, he was amazed by the set up of the story, so he checked out the book and went to Floria’s house.

Tyson got back from the library and wasn’t surprised to find Floria in her rocking chair and Griff by her feet.

Waiting for Columbus – Part 2

It had been now at least 8 months since Columbus and the crew had landed, and six weeks ago Columbus and Antonio had to say goodbye to their greatest friend Adriano. During Spring and Summer, it was the time of everyone’s lives until the cold dark winter came. It was good for Columbus and Antonio because they had harvested the whole year.

Columbus shoved the door open with his hands full of two iron buckets from their new cow Bessie.

Waiting for Columbus – Part 1


It was the day the brave Christopher Columbus would set sail into the mysterious waters of Spain. “Oh, I am not sure if you should do this my dear. What about the children?” said Isabella.

“Tiana can find something to do with little Angus now while you are working at the farm.” said Christopher. “Yes, but I don’t come back ‘til 6:30,” said Christopher’s wife Isabella. “I know, but Tiana is fifteen, I think she can handle it because she has watched over Giovanna from next door,” replied Christopher.

“Well, we shouldn’t be late for the ceremony. Tiana, take Angus from your mother so she can take some of my bags,” Christopher told Tiana. “Alright, father,but where do I take Angus?” asked Tiana. “To the seashore,” replied Christopher, “and make sure you bring the pales for Angus so he can pick up shells.”


Christopher put each foot onto the crunchy sand. Christopher stopped to admire the beautiful boat he had made with two other villagers. As he stepped onto the boat, his shoes clacked against the hardwood floor. When all of the crew was aboard, he had one man put up the sails, one person at lookout, and Columbus at the steering wheel. It was the end of the evening, and Columbus and the crew were getting tired, so they took shifts. Antonio went first, then Columbus, and last but not least, Adriano.

The next morning, the crew ate leftover fish for breakfast. As the sun came up, the crew was ready for a new day. They were all doing fine until the currents drove the boat straight into the ancient rocks. One of the men went down into the basement.. When he got down the last creaky stairs, he saw a large break near the storage in the corner. So he took some boards and went to work.


Up on the deck things were just as bad. The fish had rot, and got all over the deck. A big wave hit the boat and got them going in the wrong direction. On the way to wherever they were going, they saw the charming dolphins leaping in and out of the crystal clear water.

The man who had just finished fixing the hole in the boat started to clean up the fish and threw them overboard, but that probably wasn’t the best idea, because first, Antonio wasn’t the smartest of the crew, and second, he knows when not to do something, but he just does it instead of thinking about it. And the problem was that there’s an old myth that a mythical sea serpent lives in the dangerous waters. Nobody knows if it’s true or not. But Antonio wanted to see it, and that’s probably the only reason why he threw out the dead salmon, to see if the wondrous Mythical Sea Serpent would appear.


The Sea Serpent was right over Antonio’s head with drool and water coming down the Serpent’s mouth. A couple seconds later, the Sea Serpent attacked and gave Antonio a dramatic whip with its long neck in Antonio’s ankle. A few minutes later, the sear serpent crashed backwards into the water and left. The two men ran over and found Antonio’s whole bottom leg drenched with blood. He was trying as hard as he could not to weep. Columbus and Adriano rushed Antonio to the basement and bandaged hisleg. Antonio rested with his leg in pain while Columbus and Adriano went to work.


It was the end of the evening. Columbus and Adriano were struggling to sail the ship. There was lightening – strong, dark lightening. It hit all the chains and the wood burst into flames igniting the barrels and the clothing.But suddenly, a miracle happened. Antonio must have heard all the yelling and came up bravely with a huge bucket of water to extinguish the fire. After all the drama, Columbus and Adriano thanked Antonio and sent him down to rest. An hour later Columbus yelled, “Land Ho!” and stopped the boat. He put each foot on the chunky dirt. Columbus and the crew walked through a whole bunch of trees, and finally found people who they think lived here.


A young woman noticed Columbus, Adriano, and Antonio with his wooden crutches. The lady brought the three men to a man named Chief Massasoit. The man had a big hat out of feathers, and a cloak made of deer skin with symbols out of berry juice. The man said, “hello,” in a slow deep voice. “What are you doing here, and why are you here?” said the Chief in a very harsh way.

Columbus answered in a big voice. Chief Massasoit inspected them carefully, searching for any weapons. After the “inspection,” an older woman led them to a very small cabin. Antonio lay in a small bed, barely fitting. Adriano and Columbus explored the small island. They tried their best to fit in but they just couldn’t do it. The only friends they had were a young woman, whose name was Bright Sun, and another friend named White Feather.


Bright Sun is a girl. She is very talented for a bunch of things like making teepees, spearing, and painting. Out of all the three she really loves painting. Here is one of Bright Sun’s paintings.

<insert painting here>

Columbus was walking around while Antonio was sleeping and Adriano was drinking wine. Bright Sun walked into the cottage to see if Antonio needed anything. Suddenly, she saw Adriano lying on the floor dead! Bright Sun hesitated, wondering if Adriano really was dead. Then she ran up to the hill where Columbus was staying. Bright Sun told Columbus what she saw, so Bright Sun and Columbus both ran down the hill to their cottage. There again laid Adriano, hopeless. Bright Sun reported the death to Chief Massasoit (who was very angry). He decided to do a test.


The test wasn’t so simple. First, they had to take a sample of the wine he was drinking. Second, they had to see if any poison was contained in the drink. And third, they had to find the Indian who poisoned the wine.

The next day, Chief Massasoit gathered the native tribe. “One of you,” Massasoit said, “has poisoned one of my great friends. If you are the killer, please step up.” Suddenly, a highly decorated man stepped out of the crowd. He had black and red stripes all over his body. That only meant that he came from Massasoit’s greatest enemy, the Carioukou tribe.

“Young man. Explain yourself,” said Massasoit to the native. “Please, I can explain!” the young man cried. “Then speak!” instructed Massasoit.

“Please, it was orders from Chief Matsouziki,” said the native.

“Why did he want to poison Adriano?” asked Massasoit. “I’m not sure. And I’m not supposed to tell you this, but tomorrow night, another village worker will put something in Columbus’s drink, so beware,” said the native.


The next day everyone tried to forget about what had just happened, which would be hard. Later in the evening, Columbus and the rest of the tribe would get together and send Adriano’s body out into the water. But yesterday, the man from the Carioukou tribe sent them a red flag, saying that tonight somebody was going to come and this time poison Columbus’ drink! So at the gathering, nobody would drink wine, only the water at the lake.

It was time for the gathering. Columbus and Bright Sun carried Adriano to the water. Red Bull (one of the tribe leaders) set Adriano down on a big piece of bark and attached the strips of leather. With their last prayers and goodbyes, they set him off with the clouds light pink and the sun shining through them. Adriano was gone.

Bocci’s Gone

It was Sunday after church when I rushed into the art studio and opened the pitch black screen and took the camouflaged snake. I felt the shedding skin coming off and leading to a new coat. A couple of seconds later I noticed that Bocci had a whole stream of red liquid coming down his lower side, but it was to thick to be blood. So I walked up the polished wooden stairs holding the weak snake.

“Dad,” I called, going up the stairs as fast as I could trying not to rip my church dress. My dad was working on his computer until he saw Bocci and paused…. And hte next thing I knew he was calling Angel Memorial Animal Hospital asking a bunch of questions.

Finally we had to surrender him so my Dad got out of his old work chair and walked down the stairs with a frustrated look on his face. He walked through the gravel and opened the door and took the keys off the shelf and walked down the pavement driveway with Bocci in his coat pocket.

I sat on the front door steps as I felt the salty drips coming down cheeks and as I saw the car drift away and a space in my heart fade.

Breakfast Stories – Sleepwalker

It was 4:12 in the morning when I started to sleep walk and here’s what happened: I was tired and I wanted to get a glass of water. But then, when I walked through the door, I fell back asleep and went down the stairs not seeing all of the Christmas presents. I took the box of Frosted flakes, poured it into a bowl, and walked out side while it was snowing and I started to eat. And I looked up at the sky and a snow flake landed on my nose and i woke up.

Breakfast Stories – Valentines Day

It was a rainy Valentines Day and Mom and Dad weren’t awake yet, so I got out of my blanket, got into my slippers and my robe, and snuk down stairs and went in the kitchen. I set the table and opened the pantry dor wich did a big CREEK and I took the pancake mix and put the box on the table. It was 8:00am and instead I just sat outside and ate honey nut cheerios. but then I found a huge moth in my cereal. I took it by the wing and put it in my spiders web.

Breakfast Stories – 10 more minutes Mom!

Telling vs. Showing Exercies – Breakfast Stories

Telling:  I Ate Breakfast
Showing: It was a misty Saturday morning when I suddenly heard my mom yell, “honey! Breakfast time!” “Oh, come on Mom, ten more minutes?” I asked. “Fine, ten minutes.” “OK Mom, I’ll come down but what are we having?” I asked. “Oh just come down,” she said. “Allright. So Mom, now can you tell me?” “We’re having waffles with biscuits. Now go tell your father and brother that breaksfast is ready.” “Ok. Dad!!! Breakfast is ready!”